Our Story

“There was something very comfortable in having plenty of stationery”

- Charles Dickens


Personalized Gifting Solutions For Every Occasion

We at Lemonade are a small team with big dreams.

We adore unique, personalized, and functional products that radiate premium vibes at an affordable price. We are incredibly passionate about our work and we aim to create a joyful experience for all our customers. What we mean is, we don't just process your orders. We gift wrap them, write hand-written notes and personalize gifts with the intention of making them more meaningful. We even offer same-day delivery in Mumbai along with freebies on our website.

Our workspace is a buzzing atmosphere full of motivated individuals and purring cats. We process more than 700 orders a month and we aim at growing every single month. Our identity is a thrilling mix of head and heart. We mindfully manufacture high-quality products and infuse them with aesthetic details that are meant to delight. We also share a part of our proceeds with Catrina Foundation for the welfare of stray cats/dogs in India.

We've had an extraordinary journey through this pandemic and we believe that it will always be so. After all, life is full of lemons and we're here to make Lemonade.

What We Offer / Brand Features

Luxe Gifting Essentials

Designed And Made In India

Personalized Everyday Gifts

Meet The Team


We love going the extra mile to make every order special! We provide exclusive gift wrap at no extra cost. To add an extra touch of love to every gift and we provide personalized notes on a handwritten card making every package a special one!